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FEH Media Insight using AdvantEdge


After a month long trial, FEH Media insight will be using AdvantEdge as its primary tool for extracting and analysing TV viewing data.

AdvantEdge is a state of the art audience data analysis tool developed by TechEdge, a global company that specialise in the handling of TV peoplemeter data supplied by national TV and internet measurement research organisations like BARB in the UK. The way television viewing is measured is becoming increasingly sophisticated to keep pace with all the different ways in which we can access both live and non-live TV content through multiple devices. In the UK, for example, BARB captures live as well as time-shifted/catch-up/VOD viewing through any TV connected device, and will soon be rolling out the inclusion of viewing on PCs and laptops, with the capture of viewing on tablet devices also being under development. The sophisticated nature of the data means it is essential to have a tool like AdvatEdge to identify key trends in what is becoming an increasingly complex media landscape.