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FEH Media Insight provides expert statistical advice in ASA alcohol ads ruling


The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has published its ruling on whether the scheduling of 576 alcohol ads on the seven Box TV music channels were in breach of rule 32.2.1 of the BCAP (Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice) Code, which states that alcohol ads should not be shown in or around programmes commissioned for, principally targeted at or likely to appeal particularly to audiences below the age of 18.
The ASA found that the scheduling of 268 ads breached the BCAP Code and the scheduling of 308 ads did not.
To address the claim that the Box TV music channel audiences were so: ‘low as to make it impossible to identify any meaningful audience trends or gain a reliable indication that a programme on these channels appealed particularly to audiences below the age of 18’, FEH Media Insight provided expert advice to the ASA on the statistical confidence levels that could be associated with the relevant Box TV music channel audiences when averaged over a rolling 52 week period.