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FEH Media Insight EPG Prominence Research Cited by Ofcom


Dr Farid El-Husseini’s work on the viewing impact of EPG prominence has been cited by Ofcom as part of the ongoing EPG Code and PSB prominence review/consultation. The Consultation document 'Proposed changes to the linear EPG Code and future of the prominence regime' and Report 'EPG Prominence: A report on the discoverability of PSB and local TV services' were published on 27-July-2018.

The Consultation document (ibid., p. 13) notes how:

“… two econometrics studies prepared by FEH for Ofcom in 2010 and 2013 also provided evidence that strongly supports the view that EPG positioning is likely to have a significant impact on a channel’s audience performance. They found that the majority of examples of channels which have moved as a result of historical EPG reshuffles support an argument that EPG positioning affects their audience performance.”

While the Report (ibid., pp. 20-21) notes that:

“There is also evidence that being higher up in an EPG drives viewing: work conducted for Ofcom by FEH Media Insight in 2013 largely supported the proposition that EPG positioning affects audience performance. […] While there have been significant changes in the market and in audience behaviour, evidence indicates that EPG positioning still has an impact on channel performance. More recent insight from FEH Media Insight, “EPG Prominence and Channel Performance – It Still Matters” found a move of 4Seven up the EPG on Virgin Media saw a large increase in its share of viewing on the platform.”