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Dr Farid El-Husseini, Director

Dr Farid El-Husseini is a highly experienced statistical consultant, with a proven track record of expertise and innovation in data analysis and forecasting. He has provided expert advice and led numerous strategic consultancy projects for key UK and international media companies, regulators and copyright collection societies.

He is an expert on channel, platform and content strategy, as well as the impact of technological change (most notably the proliferation of VOD services) on television viewing habits, and his technical skills include advanced statistical analysis, data mining, forecasting, scenario modelling and survey design. He has been employed as an expert witness, and his experience includes giving extensive evidence in court. Farid is also a leading expert on the viewing impact of EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) positioning.

Before co-founding FEH Media Insight, Farid was Head of Consultancy at Attentional, a boutique media consultancy. 
Farid has a PhD in Economics from the University of Bristol, as well as MSc and MA (Hons) degrees in Economics from the Universities of Bristol and Edinburgh respectively. Farid's PhD Thesis won the 2003 Joseph Dorfman Prize, awarded annually by the US based History of Economics Society, for the best dissertation on the History of Economics.

Dr Farid El-Husseini, Director
M. +44 (0)7969 264 360 | T. +44 (0)117 330 4773 
E. farid.el-husseini@feh-mi.com

Anna El-Husseini, Director

Anna El-Husseini is co-founder of FEH Media Insight, and is responsible for finance and business strategy.

Prior to this, Anna had a career in Education, culminating in 9 years as Head Teacher of a Junior School. Along with ensuring that her pupils and staff had access to cutting edge resources and skills, she also managed staff recruitment, performance and progression, the league table results, and was responsible for the management of school finances, resources, strategic planning and reporting. A major part of Anna’s role was ensuring that the correct support and resources were targeted to maximum effect. Anna successfully led the school through two Ofsted evaluations, always achieving a good grade with outstanding elements. She has built up a variety of top management skills, including a clear focus on the future, whilst providing excellent service to today’s clients.

Anna has an honours degree in Education from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Anna El-Husseini, Director
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E. anna.el-husseini@feh-mi.com


We also have access to a number of experienced freelancers to help with desk-based research, data tabulation, coding and analysis.